Sunday, July 18, 2010

County Fair Prizes

Scarecrow Entry
2nd Place
1st place!
Michaela: scrapbook=1st and grand prize, necklace=1st, hair bow=3rd, day lily=1st, hosta leaf=2nd, peas=3rd

Hannah: clay horse=3rd, wooden bracelets=1st, hosta leaf=2nd, daises=1st, farm girl scarecrow above

Luke: barn wood birdhouse=1st, hosta leaf=1st, cone flowers=participation, sheriff scarecrow above


Callie said...

Love the scarecrows. A friend and I made a scarecrow once that won a prize at a County Fair. Great fun! I love county fairs!

Beverly said...

Wow, your kids made some great entries! Good work. I could use a few of Luke's birdhouses in my garden!!