Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homemade Bunny Toys

Rabbits get bored VERY quickly and need toys more then cats and dogs do. But, I am sick of buying rabbit toys, they get to be expensive! So I went on the search for homemade rabbit toys.. and after using Google I found this... and thought I would share! 

Homemade Toys

"Some of the best toys for rabbits are ones that you can make yourself or that you can get for free or at low cost. For instance, wood items can make dandy chew toys.

Untreated wood from a workshop or garage in the form of a small block or stick will make most bunnies very happy. As long as the wood is not painted, glued, stained, or treated in some other fashion, it should be safe for your rabbit to gnaw on.

Dried branches or twigs from fruit trees can provide another source of free chew toys for your rabbit. Do be careful about giving them wood from trees, though--some trees, such as redwood, are not good for rabbits. If you use pesticides in your yard, it's best to avoid giving them wood from your trees, even if you don't spray your trees directly.

Pinecones that are dry and free from sap are yet another tree product that many rabbits love. Not only will most rabbits chew them, many bunnies enjoy picking them up and tossing them about.

Cardboard tubes from paper towel or toilet paper rolls make a dandy chew toy. Try stuffing the tubes with hay and watch your rabbit have a great time pulling or chewing the hay out.

Cardboard boxes will be fun for your rabbit to crawl into. I like to put boxes on their side and let my bunny hop in and out. (Likewise, I'll often leave a plastic laundry basket on its side on the floor for him to play in.) Often I leave a little scrap of paper for him to discover inside of the box. Some people like to tape up the boxes and cut one or two openings for their rabbits, so it's a kind of bunny hideaway.

Paper cups are easy for your rabbit to pick up and carry and toss around. Give him/her only paper cups that aren't plastic-coated. Cups made of Styrofoam are also no-nos.

Phone books have got to be the ultimate chew toy. Most rabbits will gnaw happily on these. Be sure that phone books are old because your rabbit won't be giving them up easily. If your rabbit appears to be eating a lot of the paper instead of just shredding it, you might want to restrict your rabbit's access or take away the phone book altogether. (Eating a little paper, though, isn't anything to worry about.)

Crumpled bits of paper will entice some rabbits to play like a cat, batting the paper around. Most rabbits will enjoy chewing the paper, if nothing else.

Baskets made of unpainted and untreated wood or of straw can serve a double purpose if the baskets are big enough for your bunny to crawl into. Not only does your rabbit get a new place to hang out, he/she can chew to his/her heart's content.

Clean, empty cans such as soup or tuna cans can be picked up and carried by your rabbit or batted around by him/her. Be sure that you remove the label and the lid completely and that you file down any sharp edges.

Paper bags like you get at the grocery store will provide a lot of fun for most rabbits. When they get tired of "exploring" the interior of the bag, they can push it around and chew it.

Wooden spoons are appealing to many rabbits, who will carry them around by the handle. And chew them, of course. The spoons should be all wood and unpainted.

Soda cans with a small pebble inside become homemade rattles that many rabbits enjoy. They pick up the can or roll it, enjoying the rattling of the pebble in the process. Be sure to take off the tab and file down any sharp edges first.

Digging boxes are cardboard boxes or litter pans that are filled with old carpeting, newspapers, hay, or cloth. As you might guess from the name, a digging box is a place where your bunny can dig to his/her heart's content.

Towels or blankets can be great fun for your bunny. Many rabbits like to bunch cloth up, knead it, and drag it to a new spot. Pick up one end of the cloth, and some rabbits will play tug-of-war with you. If your rabbit starts to chew through the cloth and eat it, though, best take it away. Cloth might harm a rabbit's digestion."

Hope this helps someone. I am going to try out some of these ideas, for sure! And when in doubt if it's safe.. always go with your gut. Better safe then sorry, never gamble on your bunnies health.  


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

Last night, the whole family participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life! We stayed up all night walking, honoring, and remembering the people who have and had cancer. Also, those who lost their fight. We raised lots of money and just had a good time! Grandpa walked in the survivor lap, which we will all remember! The day of the Relay we helped in the morning set up the luminary bags around the walking course. Yesterday, was all together a wonderful day that will be remembered, besides the heat!

  If you would like to make a donation to the ACS Relay for Life visit:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Much?

 How much is to much or too little? You maybe wondering what I am talking about.. I am talking about how much to sell farm fresh eggs for. We always have more then we can eat, so we sell some of them. I guess it's all about how much people are willing to pay. But, really for fresh organic free range eggs? They are large brown and sometimes white eggs.. my chickens are free range and healthy! I currently sell them for a dollar a dozen.. but am wondering if I could get more. But, then I am afraid that no one will buy them.. 

How much do you sell your eggs for if you do sell them? 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Puppy Pictures

Always sleeping
                 And in strange positions..               
     Best buds 

 Staying cool
  Sleeping again
     And again
  Teddy taking a break from the puppy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


For the local county fair, again as last year we made scarecrows!! We thought on the creative side and came up with new fun scarecrows! 

Luke's baseball player - 1st place

Hannah's Harry Potter- 2nd place
Michaela's witch- another 2nd place
I know we haven't been blogging for a long time, but we have been so busy.
Hope I can blog more!!