Monday, January 10, 2011

Dreaming of Summer...

Everyone is wishing it was summer and NOT freezing with tons of snow... 

Example #1: 
See the first picture, in his head he's saying, "Summer, please! So I can roll in the grass again."

Example #2:
The Chickens
"We want to dust bathe in the sun, again and not freeze our tails off. We and the Keepers also don't like when it get sooo cold that the eggs freeze, even in our warm coop!"

 Example #3:
The Goats 
"We want to graze and eat momma's veggie garden and her yummy apple trees. Oh, how we wish summer would come a little quicker!" 

Example #4:
The Bunnies
"We want fresh grass, now... please!"

 See what I mean?