Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Quackers (closest to camera) and Waddlesworth 
Well, we have fourteen eggs in the incubator and are just waiting for that 21st day! However, this past Saturday we went to a swap meet and added a few more additions to the farm. We ending up getting 9 baby chicks and 5 ducklings. Here are a few pictures of the duckies; Waddlesworth, Quackers, Freddy, Daffy, and Donald!

Aren't they cute!?


Melanie said...

They are cute!! I take a pan of shallow water and let them practice swimming and throw little cut up pieces of strawberries in for the ducklings to dive after. They are so fun to watch!!! Enjoy!!

The Chicken Keepers said...

We let them swim in shallow water and they had a blast! They are super fun to watch! Thanks for visiting!!

callie brady said...

Yes! They are very cute! Good photos too!