Monday, August 1, 2011

A Look Around...

 We are going to let Rosie lay on her eggs and see what we get! Well they are not all her eggs, the others helped, but she is the only broody hen. 
 Rosie is laying on a total of 16 eggs! We will keep you on the update and hope we get some chicks!
 Snoopy, as we renamed him because he lays on top of his house about 90 percent of the day. Is off his house to lay by the frozen water bottle and cool down.
 Fresh garlic, laying on a screen to dry out. Yummy!

 Wagon full of flowers!
 Cone Flowers.. a favorite!
 Pansies on an old chair
Flowers in a chicken water..

Have a Wonderful Day! 
And Thanks for Visiting.. Come Again!!


Jennifer said...

Good luck with the hatch, hope you get lots of cute chickies. Love all the flowers, very pertty. Love the wagon :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a lovely tour.. thanks for sharing! -Tammy